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ELIKO GLOW Calamansi Vitamin Cleansing Set

ELIKO GLOW Calamansi Vitamin Cleansing Set

Origin: South Korea

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This is a perfect cleansing set for your skincare routine. Set Includes:

  1. EYENLIP Calamansi Vita Cleansing Oil 150ml
  2. EYENLIP Calamansi Vita Cleansing Foam 120ml
  3. EYENLIP Calamansi Vita Peeling Gel 120ml

How To Use:

Step 1    Oil-Based Cleanser/Make-up remover

To remove makeup, sunscreen, and impurities, Korean women typically start their evening skin care routine with an oil-based cleanser. We have selected EYENLIP Calamansi Vita Cleansing Oil as the first step your skin care routine. This product allows effortless cleansing without leaving an oily feeling.

Note: Oil-based cleanser can be omitted in the morning routine.

 Step 2     Cleansing Foam

Double cleansing helps to ensure that skin is clean and ready for the next step. We have selected EYENLIP Calamansi Vita Cleansing Foam, a gentle cleanser that doesn’t cause skin tightening, which makes a great combination with the oil-based cleanser in Step 1.

 Step 3     Peeling

A good exfoliating routine is a key to obtain a smooth and glowing skin. By removing dead skin cells, you promote cell turnover, unclog pores and allow for better product absorption in the subsequent steps of your routine. We recommend EYENLIP Calamansi Vita Peeling Gel, which will gently slough off dead skin. 
Note: Use 1-2 times a week for a clear and polished complexion, and remember to apply sunscreen after your morning routine when using exfoliating products.